I am the wicked Prince Joey of this road.

The law states that only Shelties bearing gifts for Joey may pass.

Perhaps if you were wearing a snorkel like me, I would have let you pass.

But without a treat or toy – Joey the wicked Prince must forbid to letting you pass.


ROFL, Steve & Di!

7 Responses to “You Shall Not Pass!”

  1. Gloria

    Joey is one cutie…
    He will show his confidence for years to come with looks like that!
    He looks like he has quite the personality…

  2. Sullivan

    Hey little Joey, I can’t get you a treat right now, but would a nice cool drink \_/ qualify, with a promise that the next time I am on your road I will have your treat in hand?

    This sweet baby is so over top on the cuteness chart I don’t even know where to begin. Steve and Di, how lucky you are to be sharing your lives with not one, but two (I see that cute little nose!) adorable furbaby’s.


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