Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother’s Day to Kelly, the best mom ever, in charge of Sheltie Nation!
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Sheltie moms. Sheltie moms are the best!
Happy Mother’s Day to my mom (Sharon). My mom loves me whether I am naughty, silly, or nice. She takes good care of me, and she brushes my teeth every night. I love my mom!

tobyflowersLove, Toby

Thank you so much Roy! [[hugs]]

3 Responses to “SN’s Mother’s Day Card”

  1. Gloria

    A special Thank You to all the SN Nation mom’s out there!

    Roy, you are the best to wish all the SN mom’s a happy day!
    Kelly, you are the BEST as well for caring for the SN community!
    Toby, looking good… I am sure there is a cookie in it for you!

    Blessing being sent your way Kelly for a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  2. Sullivan

    Such a handsome young man your Toby is Roby. Looks like someone spent hours and hours on his coat and it shows, because it sure is stunning.

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY SHELTIE NATION to all 2 and 4 legged mommies.

    • Sullivan

      I’m sorry ROY, please forgive the incorrect spelling on these tired OLD eyes.


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