6 Responses to “Three Amigos Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!”

  1. Sharon

    What an adorable grouping of furry amigos! Love Gracie’s hat in particular! Very cute. Thanks for rescuing these sweeties!

  2. Carla

    The cutest Amigos I have ever seen.They got treats, for dressing up, right?

  3. Julie

    What an adorable photo, Debbie. Love the Cinco de Mayo theme, and your precious babies.

  4. Sullivan

    I love all these babies, I myself could never have more than one at a time because as mommies, we are not supposed to play favorites, but Debbie, your sweet little Gracie sure does it for me. I love the “petiteness” and that gorgeous little face. However, that’s not to say that Levi and Brody are just as manly and handsome all decked out and ready to party!


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