Quillow loves her queen sized bed and the afghan her mom crocheted for her.

She usually leaves a little room for her mom, too!


Awe, Carol

4 Responses to “Blanket Statement”

  1. denise

    Quillow is a very beautiful girl. What gorgeous markings she has!

    ps Glad she leaves you a little room on the queen sized bed, our Mally knows how much room is enough for him, usually.

    pps Her afghan is lovely.

  2. Carla

    What a lovely name for a beautiful Sheltie!! Quillow looks so swet as she sleeps with her blanket;)

  3. Sullivan

    What a sweet, sweet face. Aw-w-w Carol, Quillow looks to be the perfect baby for spoiling and I’d say from the looks of it, you are doing a wonderful job. Give your sweet little soul a kiss and hug from me and maybe even an extra cookie tonight.


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