What do I look for in a fine wine? Well, I could bore you with the stock response about aroma, subtle tones of fruit, a clean finish, that sort of thing.

But I’m an adorable Sheltie puppy, so I just like to play with the cork.


Daragh, Rosie is so adorable!

8 Responses to “The Connoisseur”

  1. Sharon

    Super cute! Oooooh, I could just snorgle that little girl all day. Enjoy all the fun times with her, Daragh!

  2. Carla

    Please bottle up Rosie’s cuteness;) I will take a case of her, no matter the cost!! She is beyond precious. Wishing you many years of joy and love with her,

  3. Bobbie Pyron

    I’m no expert on wine but I AM on cuteness, and Rosie is 200 percent cuteness!

  4. Buddy and Sadie's Mommy, Jackie

    What a cute little fur ball. Wishing you much happiness with Rosie.

  5. Gloria

    Sweet, Sweet , Sweet…
    Absolutely nothing is sweeter than a sheltie puppy!
    Rosie could not be more adorable!

    Give her a hug and kiss from all of us at SN!
    Thanks for brightening our Friday morning.

  6. Sullivan

    I gotta tell ya’, all you Nationers’ getting these new furbaby’s are killin’ me! I’m in love with EVERYONE I see. And this sweet, sweet little Rosie is just the newest one to add to the list! What a doll baby. Those little tipped ears and that butt stuck up in the air is adorable. Wish you lots of fun with your new baby Daragh.


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