Pippa goes on the annual expedition to buy flowers for the summer at a home improvement store.

Many customers asked me on which aisle I found her in the store.


So what aisle can we get such a cutie, Susan? ;)

7 Responses to “Need A Price Check On This Cutie”

  1. Ruth Shoenthal

    Pippa is gorgeous and is sitting like such a lady. Great photo, too

  2. Gerry Grzyb

    The word is “aisle”, not “isle”, unless you mean “in the Shetland Isles.”

  3. Sullivan

    WOW Susan, sure wish my “Home Depot” carried those beauties in my store. The bad thing about that would be that they would not be able to keep them in stock and they would ALWAYS be on backorder. As for the location, my guess would be FRONT AND CENTER. Once again, my favorite . . . the tipped ears and the signature smile, what a winning combination. Happy Shopping Pippa.


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