I caught this look while we were visiting Virginia Beach.

This was Watson’s first time at the ocean and in sand.


Hmmm, did he like it Darci?

6 Responses to “Salty Dog!”

  1. Ruth Shoenthal

    I just want to know how long it took to brush out all the sand from your fur baby’s copious amount of hair. I don’t think Watson looks too happy.

  2. Gloria

    Watson looks quite pleased with himself!
    What a wonderful day he had…
    He want mom to know he enjoyed himself thoroughly!

    I fear a bath is in his future however!
    Not to big of a price to pay, right Darci?
    I am sure cookies will not be far behind.

  3. Sullivan

    From the looks of it, I’d say Watson is livin’ large and lovin’ life! With that big Sheltie smile I think he is having a wonderful time, and will be asking momma to bring him back often. What a handsome young man you are Watson, I’m impressed that in all that wind you are still able to keep your coat looking so stunning. Have a great time and please be careful.


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