sochiThis amazing story has been submitted by Bob, a volunteer for the Northeast Ohio Sheltie Rescue.

Late last winter I got a call from a nearby county dog warden asking if we would take in a sable male Sheltie who was blind and having seizures. At first I was really concerned that this little guy maybe had more health issues than what the rescue would want to tackle, but thankfully I got the OK from our adoption coordinator that “absolutely, he needs us” so I hit the road to go get “Buddy”. When I got to the dog warden’s office they helped me get him in my suburban and away we headed to another volunteer’s house, Teresa & Chuck’s, for foster care. During the hour’s or so drive I didn’t even know Buddy was in the crate behind my seat; I’m sure he was scared not knowing what was happening and not being able to see either. I met Teresa at her local vet’s office where he was taken right in for a health exam. The diagnosis was that Buddy has a severe case of Epilepsy and over the next few weeks, with Teresa & Chuck, the seizures got more frequent and severe. The vet pretty much told Teresa that he was headed for Rainbow Bridge.

Foster parents Teresa & Chuck pretty much refused to be satisfied with this reasoning and took Buddy, now renamed “Sochi” (for his new life) to another vet where a MRI was done revealing that Sochi had a slow growing Brain Tumor. Things were looking pretty grave for Sochi at that time. But again, Teresa & Chuck refused to accept that and Teresa got on her computer and researched Canine Cancer and located a study being done at the University Of Minnesota on the very type of brain tumor that Sochi had. She immediately contacted them about Sochi’s case and coordinated the transfer of records up to Dr. Pluhar DMV and after reviewing Sochi’s case accepted him into their program.

sochi2So last week Teresa & Chuck made the trip to Minnesota with Sochi and last Friday he under went brain surgery. Even though the surgery went a bit longer than planned and Friday was a bit of a rough day for Sochi (as well as Teresa & Chuck), Saturday afternoon he was alert to the sounds of Teresa cell phone ringing; his eyes were no longer dilated like they had been before the surgery (although no detection of restored sight); and he was released from the animal hospital to which he walked out the truck on his own. Sochi is on the way back home as this is being written.

Cells from his tumor will be used to make an anti-tumor vaccine for him. He will remain in foster care throughout the trial. He will be in Minnesota for the surgery, come back to his foster home and go back next year for a follow-up visit.

NEOSSR is responsible for $2500 toward the total cost of Sochi’s participation in the trial and surgery. A large portion of Sochi’s surgery and follow-up costs are being covered by the children’s cancer fund and another fund at the University of MN.

If you can help send your donation to NEOSSR, via pay pal at Your donation is tax deductible and no amount is too small.

I wanted you all to know of what the Power of Prayers, and the absolute determination (and refusal to give up) of rescue volunteers, Teresa, Chuck and the Northeast Ohio Sheltie Rescue!

Good luck to Sochi in his recovery and adoption. We look forward to an update on his progress.

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  1. Teresa and Chuck

    It is now May 29, 2017, Sochi had his check up last month at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Pluhar gave the news SOCHI IS BRAIN TUMOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We have adopted Sochi because we love him so much and after all that he’s been thru he didn’t deserve to go anywhere. He’s home forever.

    • Teresa and Chuck

      It is with a very sad heart and tears in my eyes that I bring this news. Sochi crossed over Rainbow Bridge tonight after a year long fight with his throat tumor. Sochi had a series of seizures tonight at approx. 9:15 PM. He was having a good day, playing in the yard, begging for treats, and eating all of his food and still looking for more. Sochi has been afraid of loud noises since forever and this afternoon out neighbor decided to start shooting his gun a Sochi freaked out. Teresa took him for a ride in out truck to calm him down and we thought that that had worked. She brought him home and he seemed fine. A few hours later he started having seizures and was gasping for breath so we made the hardest decision that we had hoped was at least a year away. Sochi was loved so very much and he will be missed. We just lost a very big part of our family and now there is a big hole where Sochi once was. We would like to thank everyone that has followed Sochi, supported Sochi, rooted for Sochi, prayed for Sochi, and has thought of Sochi as a part of your family.

  2. Carla

    God bless Chuck and Teresa!!!! They are angels who were at the right place at the exact time Sochi really needed them;) Wishing you many years with Sochi! Wishing sweet Sochi a speedy recovery and many happy years being spoiled like he desrves,

  3. Rosemary James

    Sochi has such a sweet, trusting face. I volunteer with the Nor Cal Sheltie Rescue. These are the kind of stories that rekindle my faith in humankind. I love the dog community of people that are so willing to help the innocent. Shelties give so much to their people and deserve so much more.

  4. Sharon

    Blessings in abundance to Teresa and Chuck, who are indeed heroes. Sochi will replay your devotion a hundred times I’m sure. All fingers and toes and paws crossed here for a full recovery for this cute Sheltie boy. Thanks for sharing the story.

    Kudos also to Bob for going and bailing this sweet boy out of the shelter.

  5. maida farrar

    God bless you, sweet little Sochi. We are sending our love and prayers to you and your caretakers.

  6. Mary Jane

    Wonderful to hear so many people caring for Sochi, and giving him every chance. I know of a poodle who also had brain surgery through the U of Minn study. Good luck to you all and pets to Sochi!

  7. Sullivan

    God Bless Teresa and Chuck for all their kindness’ to Sochi. I know this sweet soul knows and understands, and appreciates all that is being done for him. Even though there is pain associated with all his issues he certainly has to feel better than where he came from. So, many, many thank you’s to Teresa and Chuck and all the other wonderful Samaritan’s that are helping to make this a better life for this baby.

  8. Gloria

    Wonderful outcome for sweet Sochi!
    Many thanks to the rescue who cared enough to bring Sochi to his foster home. Teresa & Chuck you are my hero’s!
    Look for my donation today and another in the coming week.
    You were heaven sent for Sochi.
    Thank you for making the extra effort to allow him relief from his cancer.
    Bless you both…
    Prayers being sent your way for Sochi’s speedy recovery!


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