4 Responses to “Wandering Path”

  1. Darci

    I keep coming back to this picture. I always say I love to watch Watson walk. This shot totally catches the coat swish that makes me smile!

  2. Sharon

    What a scenic place to stroll with your Shelties! It just looks very Zen. I bet you all enjoy it a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gloria

    Wow Kate…
    We all should be as lucky as you to find such a beautiful walking path for our furkids! Cooper & Shae are in heaven enjoying every moment with you and their wonderful environment!

  4. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w, the pretty landscape is enhanced only by the two gorgeous furbabys, just ambling along with not a care in the world. Sure glad I don’t have to pick a favorite, I love both of the coat colors and would have a hard time making up my mind. Lucky you Kate, to share home and life with sweet souls.


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