6 Responses to “Army men and women, past and present – thank you for your service!”

  1. Rosemary James

    This goes to show Shelties know a few good men when they see them. Great picture. I wish I could get one for a poster.

  2. Chris

    Not to mention all the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard folks, past and present!!

  3. Sullivan

    If ever there was a photo to be called the “money shot”, this would be my pick. This just does my heart good. Just look at that sweet little face that just shows so much love and awe for “his” solider. Thank you so much Teddy and Julie.

    To all the men and women that serve our Country, thank yous’ are never enough, but you are so appreciated and loved by this great Nation that we live in and are honored to call home. Happy, safe 4th all!


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