Meeko, your photo makes a lovely desktop background!


Pretty dog, pretty flowers AND a head tilt. Trifecta, Jackie! :)

4 Responses to “Awesome S.N. Desktop Wallpaper!”

  1. Jackie

    Thanks everyone! I trained Meeko to tilt her head on command so that we could take pictures like this :) She will definitely get an extra cookie today.

  2. Sullivan

    Well Meeko, aren’t you just too cute. As mentioned, pretty everything including a good sit. Jackie your baby is so beautiful, and I love those little sweet soulful eyes, they melt my heart. Meeko, you were such a good baby for the camera, that my wish for you is that maybe momma will have an extra cookie with your dinner tonight!

  3. Gloria

    Gotta love that head tilt… Just makes the shot!
    Meeko is one beautiful sheltie!


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