Bravo shows his support of fellow canines who serve.


He is so handsome, Courtney!

3 Responses to “HAPPY FOURTH!”

  1. Gloria

    Thank you Bravo for reminding us of all the canines that have served this country over the years…

    I certainly can not think of a more wonderful tribute than you sporting our red, white and blue to show your patriotism! Bless you little Bravo!

    I just LOVE your FACE! Looks like the most sweet older gent… my favorite.

    Have a happy and safe 4th to our human and canines of Sheltie Nation!

  2. Sullivan

    OH my, look at that sweet, beautiful little face. Is there anything any cuter than a soldier showing his true colors? and how appropriate is his name, Bravo! Courtney, I’d say you are one lucky momma.

    I WISH A HAPPY, FUN-FILLED 4TH FOR EVERYONE . . . and above all, everyone, please BE SAFE.


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