8 Responses to “Hats off to you!”

  1. Susan

    All I can say is what a beauty. Some Shelties just love the camera. Mine need to be coaxed.

  2. Sharon

    Wayyyyyy stylin’!! Layla wears her hat with such style. I love her big smile and bright eyes. :-)

  3. maida farrar

    Layla, honey, you look divine!!! I think you really do like wearing this hat. Such a sweet smile and sweet eyes. Maybe you need a boa too!

  4. Rosemary James

    How gorgeous Layla is in her stylish hat. She is so bright eyed and knows she is looking GOOD!! I have a therapy dog that loves to wear hats. The patients enjoy seeing her with the hats on. I have never seen one like this before. Would you mind sharing where you found it?

  5. Sullivan

    WOW Chris, what a beauty . . . I’ve never seen a hat worn quite so stylish as your Layla. What a sweet, beautiful little face she has and love the big Sheltie smile, she just looks to be so loving. What a lucky pet parent you are to have this sweet little soul in your life.


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