Cooper got a little cut under his eye and the vet made him wear a cone so he wouldn’t scratch it.

Poor thing looked like he lost some sheep and doesn’t know where to find them!


Being even cuter is one upside, Denise!

3 Responses to “Little Bo Sheltie”

  1. Gloria

    Poor dear…
    But you do look as sweet as can be even if you are sporting ‘the cone of shame!’
    Hopefully, you heal soon.
    Cooper is being a real trooper!

  2. Sullivan

    Poor little Cooper, he just looks so sad, but I bet it isn’t anything a few extra hugs and kisses from momma couldn’t fix, and maybe an extra cookie! From what I can see it doesn’t look like it is very big, I just hope this sweet looking little guy isn’t hurting . . . maybe just hurt feelings from the cone of shame.


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