Mean little Sheltie Monsters taunted Romeo until he cried!


LOL a perfectly timed shot, Dayna!

Be sure to cheer him up by reminding him WHO is in the pen! ;)

6 Responses to “Naughty Puppies!”

  1. Sharon

    Oh boy all I can say about this classic shot is: I am cracking up. Perfectly timed shot indeed. So darn funny with your captions!

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    Awes, Romeo…just keep that fence between you and those little rascals and it’ll all be okay :)

  3. Sullivan

    TOO CUTE!! It is all in the timing, poor little Romeo seems to be saying, these kids are driving me crazy, (and what beautiful kids they are), I just can’t take it any more! But what a handsome little bi-black Romeo is. Lucky you Dayna to be blessed with a whole pack to run, play with and love.


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