We have been hearing a lot of thunder almost daily here in Florida.

The upside is that Mom and Toby get to have lots of cuddle time!


Awe, Sharon!

4 Responses to “A Place to Weather Any Storm”

  1. Courtney

    So cute! My precious Laddie turns into the sweetest little velcro dog when the weather gets stormy,

  2. Gloria

    Toby being ready for his close-up is now ready for his kisses and cuddles!
    Better than being out in the rain… right Toby?

  3. Sullivan

    Poor Toby, look at all the anxiety in that sweet face. I can’t imagine how frightening it must be for all of these fur baby’s that are afraid of thunder, fire crackers and any other loud noises that frighten them. They can’t tell you what they are feeling, yes, we know they are scared but unlike us humans they can’t talk their fears out and understand them, they just get to be scared. I too live in Florida Toby and I also hope this is over soon.


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