6 Responses to “Herding 101”

  1. Maida Farrar

    Our little sweet Victoria! Our first Sheltie rescued from a neglectful owner in the first few days tried to attack while I was vacuuming. I had no idea this was a normal behavior for her and was afraid of hurting her, so I put her in the garage! I know, terrible thing to do. My husband came home five minutes later and heard her and went to see her. He says the look on her face said, “Junior, look what she did! She put me in the garage!!” Of course, he “rescued” her. I sure learned a lesson from her that day! In fact, even though I think I am pretty much an experienced Sheltie owner, I learn something new from every one of my (now ten) sweet little Sheltie (all rescues). Wouldn’t trade these wonderful babies for the world.

  2. Sullivan

    Well, isn’t this little one just too cute for words? And of course, it is never to early to start their herding training! I can already see this baby is going to make an absolutely gorgeous adult and it will be fun watching him/her grow.


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