8 Responses to “It’s Our New Act for the Circus”

  1. Teresa

    OMG, I thought only my crazy sheltie loved to do that. It’s so funny when they get rolled by the ball. If they could only play and not bark the whole time but shelties love to talk.

  2. Sullivan

    What pretty markings and such a beautiful, full and fluffy coat. Buddy is sure one handsome fella. It also doesn’t hurt that he has such a gorgeous back yard play ground, but of course . . . just another totally spoiled Sheltie, we wouldn’t have it any other way and Buddy seems to be saying, “Ah, what a life we dogs lead.”

  3. Helene Lincoln

    Must be a Sheltie-ism: my Scarlett does the exact same thing & will do this trick for hours, along w/playing soccer!


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