3 Responses to “Solar Powered Sheltie”

  1. Sullivan

    So much beauty in one photo, how lucky are you Jackie? Your Meeko is so handsome, such pretty coat colors. I agree with Gloria, after Bambi and I did our afternoon walk, when we got back, she would lay in the grass, head up, sniffing and just looking around, I had to stay with her, I live in an apartment and don’t have a fenced area for her to have been able to roam. After about 20 minutes that was enough and she was ready to come in.

  2. Gloria

    It just amazes me that a sheltie will lay in the sun with all that coat!

    One of my shelties does lay in the full sun outside!

    Oh well, they must LOVE IT …

    Enjoy that summer sun Meeko!


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