Special Edition Sheltie Nation Die-Cut Decal

Only for a limited time!

If you missed the announcement last week, we are offering a re-print of the special edition decal. The last day to order them will be 8/5. You can click the button below.

This style of decal is the graphic cut out in vinyl with no background, like those you frequently see on car windows. These decals are printed and “weeded” one at a time, so they are much more labor intensive than the peel-and-place stickers. As a result, they cost much more to produce, but the extra price is worth the sharp look.

The cost of these decals will be the same as the last offering, $12.00 USD. (Regular postage to your location will apply.) I will leave the ordering open for two weeks until about 8/5/14 then close it so I can place the order with the printer. You should have your special edition decal in about 3 weeks.

Just click the link below to be taken to the paypal portal. If you want to keep up to date with the conversation about these decals, just visit our forums.

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