Cute comes in all sizes!


Brady, Niki, and Kobi have such sweet faces, Linda!

7 Responses to “Size Never Matters”

  1. Rosemary James

    They are so cute and serious. I love the white blaze on their faces. I bet you have a lot of fun playing with all of them. I have two blue merle and a bi-blue I am going to try and copy your pose with them. Mine are stair steps also 4yrs old, 2years old and 9mos.

  2. Sharon

    Oh I really like this! I have 3 “stair-step” (graduating sizes) myself and it is pretty funny. A beautiful trio of blue merles!

  3. Sullivan

    How cute! Small, medium or large, there is one to fit every taste. All of these baby’s are just too adorable, such pretty faces and I especially love the “big” baby on the end, with that big black swatch over his left eye, how unique to help him stand out in a crowd!


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