Did you think I was quoting the movie 300?

Ha, ha nope. Really, this is Sparta. Isn’t she cute?


Norway is amazingly beautiful, Nina. Welcome to Sheltie Nation!

8 Responses to “This is Sparta!”

  1. Marcie Muir

    What a little cutie Sparta is! She’s ready for some action dressed in her leather harness. I predict Sparta is going to grow into a very cool Sheltie, she looks a little sassy too, (in a good way).

  2. Sullivan

    How regal and majestic your baby already looks at such a young age. Sparta is such a little beauty, showing just a little cockiness with the littlest flip of that tail, not pointing straight out, but pointing at the camera, see, look at this little trick I can do! This baby is going to be a very stunning adult.

  3. Rosemary James

    If Sparta could talk I think he would say okay I have conquered this small hill now onto the bigger mountain. He seems to have the larger one in the distance in his sights. What a beautiful Tri. I love the harness you have on him.

  4. Bobbie Pyron

    OMG, Sparta is cute X 300! Looks like he’s going to be a great hiking companion :)


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