WalkinthesunDearest Aunt Kelly,

Dad and I are again signed up for this year’s Strut Your Mutt on September 13th. Not only does it benefit Utah’s homeless pets and Best Friends Animal Society, this year we’re strutting as part of the Sheltie Rescue of Utah dog pack. Dad tells me there are abandoned Shelties, too. Frankly, I didn’t believe it until he showed me their website. :(

As you know, my cancer has returned and I’m currently going through round two of chemo treatments (I don’t like them; they stick me with NEEDLES! However, the staff is extremely nice.). Dad wants me to put in a shameless plug for Cottonwood Animal Hospital so here goes, “HEY EVERYONE! COTTONWOOD ANIMAL HOSPITAL AND DR. NATE COX! WOOOOOO-HOOOOO!”

Ahem! Back to business. Dad thinks we can raise $3,000 this year. I would pay it all but my allowance isn’t near that much. :)  But if we get the kind of support we have in years past, we should do okay. I’m not much for these struts—I find all the dogs very annoying—but it seems to mean a lot to dad…plus I know it helps animals find good homes like mine. I really just go because there are booths where they give away free treats…plus I would never disobey dad.

For your convenience, here’s a link to our fundraising page:

Support Team Aggie 2014

On behalf of my dad, I want to thank you in advance for supporting Team Aggie. Hopefully I will be well enough to strut with pride.

Aggie (Oh yeah. Dad, too!)

P.S. Keep up the great work with my FAVORITE SITE…Sheltie Nation!

Congrats to you both for reaching your goal today!

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  1. Sullivan

    WTG Dad and Aggie for a job well done. Aggie, you gave so much of yourself for the issues you are having right now. I will keep you in my thoughts an prayers that the Chemo does what it is supposed to do and wipes all the cancer right out of your little body, you hang in there baby.

    • Ken P

      I’m just going through some of Aggie’s posts on Sheltie Nation. I so look forward to seeing all the Shelties and their antics out there. Now I just have to do it without Aggie. I helped her pass this world on Saturday, September 27th. I hope to one day, when the timing is right, adopt a homeless Sheltie. They are such enjoyable companions.


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