Tinkerbelle is our nearly 5-year-old rescue Sheltie. She has been ours for almost 2 years and never fails to amuse us and share her generous spirit. She is everything anyone would want in a great companion. We are the lucky ones.


What a cutie, Nan!

5 Responses to “All You Will Ever Need”

  1. Gloria

    What an absolute cutie! Love her name… Fits her in every way!

    Such a sweet face and if her expression is any indication of her personality… She is going to keep you amused for many years to come!

  2. Sullivan

    Of course we know you are the lucky one, but I think Tinkerbelle is also thinking, man-oh-man, did I hit the mother lode or what? A new forever home and my own humans, does life get any better? Congratulations and kudos to you for rescuing this beautiful little girl. Here’s hoping she provides you with many long years of fun, laughter and companionship.


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