Herding airplanes is one of Scarlett’s favorite pastimes.

She keeps the skies over southeastern MA safe.


Bet you sleep well at night, Helene!  ;)

3 Responses to “Air Traffic Control”

  1. BF Simon

    My Sheltie “Baby” barked at airplanes for several years after 9-11…we lived at ground zero and my Shelties were at the WTC on there morning walk when the first plane hit. It was loud! Then the second one seemed even louder!

  2. Gloria

    Scarlet is just giving you her version of ‘call of the wild’!

    What a beautiful girl and lovely picture.
    Love her markings… especially the white parts… highlights her outline!

  3. Sullivan

    Just think how safe our skies would be if every city had just one traffic controller like Scarlett. Stand her on a high point and let her talk until all is clear. Helene, Scarlett sure has some stunning markings and I love her coat color, that red just really stands outa and makes a statement.


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