6 Responses to “The Best Thing About A Leaf Pile?”

  1. Carla

    Beautiful in so many ways! Taylor is stunning beyond words. The gorgeous autumn colors really show off his stunning color and white chest.

  2. Sullivan

    Look how your stunning little bi-black just makes those reds and oranges jump right out of the picture. I love that adorable little face, the tipped ears and those soulful little eyes. Lucky you Syndi and Brad.

  3. Roemary James

    The fall leaves are a perfect compliment to the beauty of Taylor, posing so still while you took the picture. This should be a fall shot for the Sheltie Calendar. I love the wagon.

  4. Ruth Shoenthal

    OK everyone — we have our “October” Sheltie picture ready for the annual calendar. Do we have a calendar? I’d love one.

    All of you are so lucky to have each other — and Grammy is a professional photographer. I’ll bet you have lots of wonderful photos of Taylor.


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