Remember to take time to smell the flowershelties.


Love those little faces of Naruto & Naiche, DK!

6 Responses to “Freshly Bloomed Shelties”

  1. DK

    Peace Everyone,
    Yes you are all so generous with your love & admiration!! I hug them both every chance I get as they are a living gift to me! They’ll gladly give you a hug back too!!

  2. Gloria

    Oh my, these two are just adorable!
    Naruto & Naiche are just precious!

    You are so lucky to have have them in your life!
    I would not only be smelling the flowers but also hugging the shelties!

    Bliss! My idea of heaven!

  3. Sullivan

    Oh my goodness, look at these two precious little faces. Such sweet expressions and Naiche sure is giving us a big, wonderful Sheltie smile. And that handsome little Naruto, I just want to grab him up, wrap my arms around him and give him a great big kiss and hug. Lucky you DK, you get to do that every day with both your baby’s.


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