6 Responses to “Fuzzy Halo of Cuteness”

  1. Ruth Shoenthal

    Cynthia — Caesar is melting my heart as I look at his photo. Just think of all the fun and treats that you two will get to share over the years. You are one lucky lady to have an adorable fuzzy furkid like Caesar. Please give him a hug and caresses from me. He is soooooooo cute.

  2. Gloria

    Oh my, be still my heart!
    Caesar is one adorable pup!
    Who would not want this precious boy in their home.
    He has it all, sweet expression, beautiful markings, and cuteness to spare!

    Enjoy, Cynthia we are all jealous!

  3. Sullivan

    My goodness, what a doll baby he is, with that little white ringed nose, he looks a little like Teddy Ruxpin. All of these sweet baby’s this season, puppy cuteness overload does not even begin to describe the state of mind for Sheltie Nation. Again, this is the Sheltie jackpot, adorable face, little white blaze, tipped ears and the back lit lighted halo, for me it just doesn’t get any better. Thank you Cynthia for sharing your sweet baby with us.


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