Good evenink. Velcome, velcome to my pawlour, do come in. Oh yez, but vere are my mannerz?
Allow me to introduce myzelf. (castle thunder)

They call me,
(lightning flash-KaBoom!)


Happy Halloween, Julie!

3 Responses to “I Know You’re Just Dying to Meet Me”

  1. Sullivan

    and adorable Teddy has just become your money shot! That is without a doubt one of the best Halloween pictures I’ve ever seen. The little “devil may care” head tilt! Teddy is really working that camera for you Julie. Job well done.

  2. Brittany

    I love it!!!! He’s so handsome, and posing so nicely! My girls aren’t even close to that photogenic. Give him a treat and a kiss for me! Love the nice little set you made too!


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