Sheltie Misti Blue, are you making your mommy late for work again?

sheltie and tennis ball

I can so relate, Robin! It’s so hard to leave a sweet Sheltie face!

4 Responses to “LATE Again!”

  1. Sullivan

    Momma, will you PLEASE play ball with me? I firmly believe that our fur baby’s know just how guilty they make us feel for having to leave them and play on that for all they are worth . . . bunches and bunches!

    Misti Blue is so beautiful, just stunning, her markings are so striking and, ever present is the sweet soulful little eyes so quietly pleading, don’t go! I sometimes just had to pretend not to see, otherwise I’d never got to leave home.

  2. Gloria

    That FACE!!! Misti Blue you are making me feel guilty not being able to throw your tennis ball!

    What a cutie she is… so petite and demure… asking SO VERY NICELY to PLEASE TOSS MY BALL…


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