Bentley will eat absolutely anything.

Glad dad was there to tell him no!

Sheltie mushroom

Glad you are watching that mischievous boy, Kristen!

2 Responses to “That’s a Big NO NO, Bentley!”

  1. Jo

    Bentley would scare me if I saw him licking his chops at a stray mushroom in the lawn! Phew glad his Dad didn’t let him have it.

  2. Sullivan

    I certainly agree, so glad you were watching Bentley, I can see where that would be enticing for your curious boy. I’ve never seen a ‘shroom with such pretty colors, usually all I see are brown or white. Sitting here watching Bentley licking his chops, zoomed in so intently. Here’s the visual I got, bellied up to the table, napkin tied around his neck with a knife in one paw and a fork in the other, barking, “I’m ready!” LOL!

    He is such a handsome little fur baby, beautiful color, striking markings, the tipped ears, and the snow white bib. I’m in love with your boy.


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