Little Katie is getting her cutie sleep. :)


Such a sweet face, Scott!

24 Responses to “Afternoon Nap”

  1. Sullivan

    It’s for sure this little sweetheart does not need any beauty rest, sweet Katie already has that look down pat. I think what I do see however is the wheels turning from that smart little Sheltie brain, resting up from what havoc she reeked on Scott this morning and what shenanigans she can come up for this afternoon. Must be lots of fun at your house. Enjoy!

  2. Sullivan

    Well, we know this is just a regular ole nap for sweet little Katie, ’cause she sure don’t need no beauty sleep! What a little sweetheart Scott, you can almost see those little wheels turning in that smart Sheltie brain, dreaming and getting rested up for round 2! Fun, fun, fun at your house!


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