This is Remmi a 10 y/o we just brought home from NJ Shelty Rescue with her new buddy Rex, 130 Italian Mastiff.

She follows him all over the yard and he’s a mush!


The look on Remmi’s face is priceless, Laura and Walt!

8 Responses to “Who IS This Big Guy?”

  1. Robin D.

    WOW! That’s the BIGGEST sheltie I’ve ever seen!!
    The mastiffs I have know were complete and total sweethearts and big squeezy babies. Those two will become fast friends!!

  2. Kelli Maier

    My Sheltie is boss to a 110 pound Bernese Mountain Dog. She doesn’t hesitate to put him in his place. And all of the dogs are very respectful ( scared of) the 7 pound cat.

  3. Bobbie Pyron

    OMG, that look on Remmi’s face I’d absolutely PRICELESS!!! These two are just the best pair and will become even closer as their friendship evolves. And hugs to you for adopting a senior ????

  4. Sullivan

    WOW Laura and Walt, first please let me say Kudo’s and a very big THANK YOU for rescuing that sweet little girl Remmi, every girl should be so lucky as to have a big strong strappin’ hunk to take care of her! What a beautiful, striking boy your Rex is. It is a toss up of who got the luckiest deal here, Remmi, Rex or you. Congratulations for giving this sweet little baby a forever home.


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