Those eyes are NOT photoshopped,  folks!


Ziggy has amazing eyes, Krystal!

4 Responses to “‘Ol Blue Eyes”

  1. Rosemary James

    This message is for Tara about the color. When a blue merle sheltie is bred with a sable and white sheltie they are called a sable merle some will have blue eyes. In conformation you cannot show a blue eyed sable, most breeders will not breed a blue merle with a sable and white they don’t want to chance having the blue eyes show up in there sables. Myself I think your Ziggy is a handsome fella. I have a blue merle female and a bi blue male both have gorgeous blue eyes.

  2. Tara Pasco

    He looks like my puppy Blu! Mine has the same coloring and blue eyes as well. I’ve asked the forum to tell me what color you call this but haven’t gotten a response.

  3. Sullivan

    WOW Krystal, what an extreme cutie pie Ziggy is. Everything working for me, blue eyes, (who doesn’t love a blonde haired, blue eyed man?), the little white blaze, the tipped ears and oh, did I mention, the blue eyes? Congratulations of your new BFF, wishing you many, many years of everything this wonderful little man will bring to your life.


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