My seven year old Sheltie Bailey has just had surgery on his front wrist. Due to a previous injury and a genetic condition his foot rolled outward and he could no longer walk without pain. He had an arthrodesis surgery – or fusion of his joint. He will be in his cast for 8 weeks and he has been kenneled for the first week 24 hrs a day. There should be a positive outcome for him though. The goal is to have him waling again without pain.


Oh my, Sandy! Hugs Give him lots of cookies and keep us posted!

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  1. Sandy Parod-Partain

    Bailey and I thank you for your well wishes! He was in a lot of pain the first week but things are much better. He has to wear his beautiful cone until his cast is off. He isn’t too happy about that but it’s for his benefit. He should be walking by the middle of December! We will send another picture. Thanks again to all you kind sheltie lovers!

  2. Sharon

    Oh my heart goes out to Bailey! I really hope the surgery accomplishes the goal of relieving pain and making him more mobile. I hope he likes low cal treats, since he’s not exercising! My girls love baby carrots….

    Big hugs to Bailey.

  3. Rosewyn

    Dear Bailey,
    You are a very brave little Sheepie Dog! Please rest and get well soon! Nice to get your surgery done now, for next summer you can have fun again. We all love you and are thinking of you and your Mama ^..^

  4. Sullivan

    Look at that sweet little face, the eyes seem to be saying, “What just happened here, what did I do to deserve this?” He just doesn’t understand that you did this for his own good Sandy, fortunately the end result will be such good news that in a short time he will forget the cone of shame. In the mean time, lots of hugs, kisses and oh, an extra cookie or two might help.

  5. Gail McKenzie

    Poor baby. Sending positive healing energy. My dog also had this surgery about 3 years ago. He tore the ligaments at the joint and so he needed 2 plates to fuse the bones. Now he runs just fine, but the the problem is walking on the sidewalk. He drags a bit and so his nails would grind down too fast (would bleed at every walk). I just keep him on the grass now.

  6. jo

    I sure hope Bailey recovers quickly & completely. He looks a bit sad in his e-collar & cast!

  7. Brenda

    Bailey is the cutest even when he is sad! Poor guy! But I know he will do great because he has the best and most loving caregivers a Sheltie could ever want!

  8. Gloria

    Poor darling little Bailey. Bless his little heart!

    I am so sorry you have to go through this but in the end you will be able to be better for the discomfort. I hope you are on the mend soon.

    Lots of love, hugs and cookies will get you through the hard part!

    Stay strong little guy and we hope to see you again soon on Sheltie Nation minus your cast!

  9. LInda Conway

    We had our sheltie casted for a leg injury also. Press and seal plastic wrap was our best friend when she had to do her business. It kept the cast nice and dry.
    Your little darling will do great. Soo cute.


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