I met and fell in love with Robbie at our local Humane Shelter and have had him for about a month now. He was scared of falling leaves when I first got him! But some training and socialization is turning him into a good citizen — and quite a cuddly charmer, as you can see from this photo. (By the way, that’s his vet collar in the background from when he was neutered before he left the shelter. Notice the teeth marks!


Hugs to you for adopting such a cutie, Becky!

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  1. Becky

    Thanks everyone for the kudos and encouragement! I’ve had Robbie for nearly two months now, and he’s definitely coming out of his shell! He’s gained weight and is looking sleek and sassy. He knows how to work that charm, too, and shamelessly flirts with all my friends! He’s learned a lot of new things such as house rules and letting me know when he needs to go “out.” He finally learned what his tennis ball is for last week, and we’ve been having a lot of fun with that! He can also be a stinker, too — I am thinking he’s getting through some teenage kinks! I’m also still getting used to Sheltie traits, since I’ve always had either terriers or golden retrievers. But when Robbie cuddles up on my lap and looks into my eyes with those big brown eyes filled with love, my heart just melts all over again.
    Today we go visit Santa Claus — that should be a whole new adventure!

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh my gosh, how could you not adopt Robbie?! Those eyes! Those ears! So happy to hear he’s doing well. Hugs to you and Robbie for finding each other.

  3. Gloria

    Robbie certainly is a charmer! That sweet face!
    You can just see the love in those expressive eyes!

    Thank you so much for adopting too…
    It fills the heart and soul knowing you saved a life.

  4. Sullivan

    SIGH!! Hey everybody, did I do a bang up job of picking me a new family and forever home or what . . . ain’t life grand? Kudos to you Becky for adopting this little sweetheart, with those cute big pink ears standing straight up, they add such character to that sweet little face.


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