We adopted Dave 3 weeks ago from our vet.
Fenway took on the role of “Dave’s Guardian” within minutes of meeting Dave and shares his toys and food with him.

fenwaycat Nice to see they became instant buddies, Carla!

9 Responses to “Share the love…and the food.”

  1. Carla

    Dave’s previous owner accidentally stepped on him. She wasn’t able to afford surgery. Vet did surgery and put him up for adoption. We viewed his photo on the website and said we’d provide a forever home.
    We didn’t pick Dave by his coat color. Irony stepped in for us:)

    Thank you for the lovely comments!!

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    ADORABLE! My shelties and cats have always gotten along well which is part of why I love the breed. Bless you for adopting ????

  3. jo

    Shelties are so naturally kind & loving, it’s no surprise that Fenway has been so good to his new pal Dave. I love the picture and esp. how their coats seem to match, was that on purpose Carla?

  4. Gloria

    What a beautiful image! Makes me cry for happiness…
    I can see how you fell in love with Dave and wanted to adopt him!
    You can see his calm and sweetness in his face.

    Bless you for giving him a loving home.

    Fenway and Dave will be lasting buddies!
    Who says cats and dogs don’t get along… these two show it can happen!

  5. Sullivan

    What an adorable picture of two beautiful babies who are already developing BFF status. Kudos to you Carla for adopting and giving Dave a new forever home, he’ll return that kindness every day in more ways than you can imagine. Lucky you and Fenway.


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