A couple of months I was afraid that we would be saying good-bye to our Kinsey Marie who is 12 years young. While battling pancreatitis, an ultra sound was performed which showed an enlarged spleen. A week later a second ultra sound was performed showing some sort of growth on her spleen. I turned to a surgeon who recommended removal of the spleen. We did end up saying good-bye.. to her spleen and that awful growth that turned out to benign! She is acting younger and looking more lovely than ever!

Such wonderful news for a lovely girl, Sheila!

25 Responses to “Some Spectacular Sheltie News”

  1. Michelle Dollman

    That’s what I’m going through but ultrasound have now shown its on a node of her liver. Only 5 years old. I’m hopefully this will be Benign as well. So glad your girl is feeling so good.

  2. Chris

    I love that Kinsey Marie, Sheila! We’re all so thankful for her return to good health!!!

  3. Mary Jane

    Saying good-bye…to her spleen! I love it. Great news. Here’s to many more healthy years for your little Kinsey Marie!

  4. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh that’s spectacular news for your beautiful girl! May you have many more years together.

  5. Robin Bates

    Beautiful pic ! So glad your fur baby is doing better !!! Hope you have many many more years together.

  6. Pat Moss

    Sheila, so glad to hear that your girl is doing much better and is enjoying life! Please give her a hug for me and maybe an extra treat too!! You go girl, Kinsey Marie, you are one beautiful Sheltie!

  7. jo

    Wonderful news! It’s so nice that she has recovered so well, and you get to enjoy her in your lives for a long time to come. And what a lovely girl she is to boot!

  8. Nancy Morgan

    I am so glad to hear of the successful surgery for your precious Kinsey. She is beautiful and looks like a twin to my Bea. We sadly lost her at age 13 to a very large lipoma which kept her from walking easily. It was as large as a football. We of course took her to the vet way before it got that large. The vet took a biopsy and it was benign, but we could not stop the rapid growth of this large tumor.

  9. Gloria


    WOW, I am so very grateful the big man upstairs understood your love for Kinsey Marie!

    Blessing being sent to your way for many more years with your beloved girl at your side.

    Such a wonderful image of her sweet face.

    Thanks for sharing the great news… we are all jumping for joy!

    Hugs and licks being sent your way from me and the boys!

  10. Dan Zittnan

    That’s great news! Always good to hear a story with a happy ending!

    Dan and Julie

  11. Sullivan

    Oh Shelia, I am crying such happy tears for your Kinsey Marie and you. What an absolutely wonderful gift Kinsey’s surgeon handed you, giving you back your sweet baby. I am doing such a happy dance for you both and saying thank you God for giving the skills and the knowledge to the surgeon to make this happen for this most adorable little senior. Please give an extra hug and kiss from me.

  12. leesa

    Yahoo!! for Kinsey Marie! Such wonderful news. Every day we have with our “babies” is a treasure. Here’s wishing for many more days. Such a beautiful girl…


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