13 Responses to “Will U PLEASE Take Me On A Walk?”

  1. John

    Max was born on June 28, our wedding anniversary. He is a rescue dog that we adopted December 6, 2009. He loves going for walks, playing with Indy (cockapoo mix) and two cats Geo and Mater, and listening to piano. I am addicted to geocaching and Max has traveled over 25,000 miles with me to help locate 2,711 caches. In his free time he likes working on his Facebook page and taking naps.

    Thanks so much for your kind comments. Max liked them too!

  2. Ruth Shoenthal

    It is absolutely impossible to say “no” to such a handsome lad with those big soulfull eyes. He looks so sweet. Please give him a great hug for me.

  3. Sullivan

    How could anyone say no to that handsome little face? With those eyes, sweet Max would have me wrapped around all 4 paws, and you guessed it, I’d be glad to be there! John, Max has such a pretty coat and with those little brown circles around his eyes, he almost looks like he is wearing a mask!


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