Brynie says: “Sure you can decorate if you want to, but don’t mind me!”

When you make it to almost 14 years young, I guess you can lay anywhere you want, anytime you want!


You betcha, Robin!

7 Responses to “You can work around me, right?”

  1. Marcie Muir

    Brynie can sit wherever she likes! She’s earned it at her age. I bet she rules the roost, with that gorgeous face of hers! What a sweetie.

  2. Sullivan

    Oh my Robin, how lucky are you to get to look into that sweet, sweet soft little face every day? Your little Brynie is just so adorable and we know, that our furbabies are so afraid that they might miss something, they just have to be right in the middle of everything, straw-bossin’! Brynie is just helping you to be sure everything is done right and to her satisfaction.


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