7 Responses to “Disapproving Reindeer”

  1. SusanL.

    I fear Tony looks thoroughly humiliated by his festive costume. Some Shelties will do anything for attention. Clearly Tony believes anything doesn’t stretch to antlers. Antler removal, kisses, and cookies are required in that order. I’m sure they were already delivered.

  2. Marcie Muir

    I think Tony is going to require a lot more than cookies to make up for this. Start with cookies, a new toy, a long walk, more treats, then another walk. Then we’ll see.

    Seriously, he is a very handsome boy even with the frown he’s wearing!

  3. Sullivan

    Am I ever glad that Tony’s stink eye is not meant for me, he sure is unhappy with someone. My guess would be who ever put the reindeer horns on him. So, Paula just show him a mirror so he can see just how adorable he really is, and BTW Paula, he is adorable. I love Tony’s coat color and his big white bib. Hang in there sweet baby, I’m sure momma will find an extra cookie or two!

    • Paula Mahoney

      Tony is very much loved, he is a serious little boy, we love him dearly and would never do anything to hurt him, he and his sister get lots of love and treats. He is a pretty boy isn’t he,,,,,,Thank you for all your positive comments


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