9 Responses to “Hey Honey, Have You Seen My Christmas Tie?”

  1. Marsha

    Wow, Charlie looks dapper in his tie. What a great picture, it made me smile.
    He obvioulsy is happily pampered in his new home. Thanks for posting.

  2. Sullivan

    Oh boy Colleen, I LOVE this face, I’m jealous, you get to enjoy this every day! What a handsome little man your Charlie is . . . don’t worry sweet baby, you will grow into those ears and if you don’t, just look at the character it will add to the uniqueness that is Charlie. Merry Christmas sweet baby to you and, KUDO’S to you Colleen for adopting, and giving Charlie a warm, loving forever home.

  3. Gloria

    What a blessing to have little Charlie adopted!
    He knows he has the best life ever now!
    Thanks Colleen for taking Charlie into your home and adopting this sweet soul!


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