Panda says: “wait, why am I the only one wearing a hat?!”


Snooky and Panda, both from Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana, wait patiently for their cookies. ;)

Merry Christmas, Lisa!

11 Responses to “Joy is a Sheltie in a Santa hat”

  1. Panda's mom

    Hi, this is Panda here, speaking to you from Heaven, and I want to thank all of you who said we’re so cute–being the ham that I am, I agree! Heehee! I wonder who got the idea that I didn’t like my Santa hat?! Whenever I heard those little bells on my Santa hat ringing, mommy would shower me with praise, and she’d put it on me and say what a cutie-pie I was! Of course, I just ate that right up! When my sister and I sat for the pose, it only took 1 shot because we’re so used to looking pretty for pictures! When mommy took off my hat, I’d follow it sniffing just like I do when she takes off my collar! She gave me so much lovin’ that I kinda enjoyed dressing up!

  2. Carla Reiman

    Cuteness X 2 They are soooooo cute and endearing. Panda, you may not like your hat, however, it makes you look priceless!!!!!

  3. Marcie Muir

    Awkward Sheltie Christmas photo, 2014 version. Poor Panda, wearing that hat which he feels is beneath him. I believe extra cookies are in order for these two cuties.

  4. Gloria

    Snooky and Panda are just adorable!
    They are so tolerant… extra cookies please!
    Thanks for adopting these two cuties!


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