Where ELSE would you find such cute Shelties wearing Santa Hats?

Nowhere else, that’s where!


Teddy is giving such a look, Julie!

Toby kicks it up a notch with the head tilt


Happy Holidays, Sharon!

Merle is ready for his cooperation cookie!

merlehat:) Mary

9 Responses to “Sheltie. With Santa Hat.”

  1. Marcie Muir

    What a cute bunch of Shelties! I wonder if Teddy shook off his hat the moment the photo was taken, Toby looks suspiciously like a centerfold in his sexy Santa Sheltie pose, and poor Merle is ready to take off like a rocket to get rid of his hat! Everybody looks like they just stepped off the grooming table too!

  2. Carissa Bach

    This looks just like my Sheltie who pass away on September 20, 2014. I still miss her with all my heart. I know at Christmas time she love opening her presents too.


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