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cocoaxmasWe adopted Cocoa when she was 10 from New England Sheltie Rescue in Conn. She was a very sweet girl and just wanted to be wherever we were (and the action was). She passed away last year and this is her last Christmas picture. Adopting an older dog was a joy.

Hugs to you for giving her a loving home, Donna.

6 Responses to “Tree Lights On The Fritz?”

  1. Carla Reiman

    The prettiest tree, I mean sheltie tree!! Love her sweet face, so much. Bless you for adopting a senior gal.. one very lucky Sheltie!!

  2. Gloria

    What a sweet face little Cocoa has! Love her sheltie smile.
    I just love older shelties … They just have a special soul.
    Seniors just steal my heart.

    Bless you for rescuing her. I know you must miss her terribly.
    But, what a wonderful memory you have in this image.

  3. Sullivan

    What a beauty, look at that sweet, sweet little face. WTG Donna for giving this sweet baby a forever home, so who’s the winner here?

  4. Maida Farrar

    She is a doll! She looks so happy just helping with the lights and Christmas trimming. I have been adopting older Shelties for 23 years now. They really are wonderful and just so happy to have someone to love and take care of. I would encourage more people to adopt them. They bring an awful lot of joy with them.

  5. Marcie Muir

    Love that silly smile! Where do I sign up for this assistance? I’d like some Sheltie help with my tree & lights too. Coco was a pretty girl! Hugs for adopting her. We’ve had several senior Shelties from rescue too, they’re the best.


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