Pebbles here is not allowed on furniture, and NEVER gets on furniture even when we call her up in our moments of weakness on weekend mornings. Well, she apparently thought we were out, because we walked in and woke her up :)


Awe Piya, but she looks so content!

9 Responses to “You Are All KINDS Of Busted”

  1. Gloria

    Well, how can you blame her?

    She thought you were out an missed you sooo much…

    The only way she could find you is where your sent was the strongest…
    In your bed …so she curled up and took a nap in comfort,

    Smart girl and sweet too.

  2. Sullivan

    Look at that sweet face, such a little beauty! I have just one question, what pet momma could get mad at that? You can tell by the look on Pebbles face that she knows she is in the wrong and I’m just guessing here but I bet she really doesn’t care! You leave . . . she’ll be right back. We at Sheltie Nation know that, without a doubt, our Sheltie babies will ALWAYS claim the most comfortable spots in the house for themselves!


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