F-kap is having a blast in the snow on his 11th birthday.


Fun times, Tabitha!

17 Responses to “Run, Puppy, RUN!”

  1. Tabitha

    There’s only two things my F-kap loves more than the snow, snuggles and cookies. Living in Texas, snow is a big treat for him. So he was having a major case of the zoomies that day! :D

  2. Diane Polovitch

    Shelties are so happy when they are running! After the ball, after the squirrel, after kids, after imaginary things they think are there, but it’s just another excuse to bark!! Love Shelties!

  3. Gloria

    What a wonderful image!
    So great to see an 11 year old with so much energy!
    Too sweet!
    Happy days! enjoy!!!

  4. Sullivan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY F-KAP! Aw-w-w-w Tabitha, what a sweet, sweet face your handsome little senior has and he sure looks to be enjoying his day in the snow. F-kap, be sure momma gives you lots of treats and goodies on your special day. Lots of hugs and kisses.


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