Django gets to run near the Lake District in Preston, Lancashire.

(Which is famous for Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter.)


Lucky you to live someplace so lovely, Debbie!

3 Responses to “Chillin’ In The UK!”

  1. Ruth Shoenthal

    A Sheltie lion — just look at his wonderful ruff. I have a particular fondness for blue merles so I think Django is especially handsome. He looks so happy in his winter wonderland. Good for him. Lucky Debbie.

  2. Marcie Muir

    Love his name! Django looks like he’s another snow-loving Sheltie from his big smile. And what gorgeous coloring he has, he’s a really handsome boy.

  3. Sullivan

    This is a beautiful scene, only enhanced by the more beautiful Django. Look at that big Sheltie smile he is wearing, telling us that all is right in his world.


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