All I have to say is “do you” to Naiche & Naruto and head tilts usually follow waiting to hear…

wanna go for a walk, a snack, a car ride? doyoutilt

Now don’t tease, DK! ;) Follow through with that cookie!

11 Responses to “Double Baroo”

  1. Linda Brown

    I think shelties are born with the “do you reaction” doesn’t matter if it is a walk, car ride or outside time. Mine hear it in conversation and assume you are talking to them.

  2. Gloria

    Precious, Precious, Precious.

    Naiche & Naruto are just ADORABLE!

    I would be loving on them all the time…
    You are SO lucky to have such a beautiful pair.

  3. Sullivan

    Who’s the cutest? Since we don’t dare play favorites, I declare a tie! First place prize, a cookie to each! I LOVE those sweet little faces, they are just waiting patiently to respond to mom’s next words, but you need to please hurry up so that we can get on with . . . whatever!!


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