Island breeze and wind in my face.

Cooper is having fun on a boat in Seabrook Texas!

cooperboatWhat a ruff life, Becky and Scott!

(Glad to see he is wearing a life vest, too!)

13 Responses to “No stinkin’ snow for me!”

  1. kitten

    I LOVE COOPER!!!! This is such an awesome photo !!! :)
    That’s my sisters & brother in laws dog !!!! He sure is pup~ular ! haha

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    I’m with you, matey! I’d rather be feeling the ocean breezes in my face than the snow! Great photo and gorgeous boy :)

  3. Gloria

    Gosh, We should all be so lucky Cooper!
    Enjoy! We can only dream here in the north country!!!

    I second… So glad your parents have you in a life vest!

  4. Gary O'Flynn

    Chuckle. This could have been Skipper. He was a good little sailor, too. And it’s interesting–the sailboat I captained out of Coral Gables, Fl. was named Island Breeze.

  5. Sullivan

    What a good looking first mate, Cooper can join my team any time. I do agree, good pet parents for the use of the life nest.


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